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Squirting 101

Ah, squirting. What a topic.

Let's start with the first question: are squirting and orgasms the same thing?

No, squirting and orgasms are not the same thing. Squirting can happen without having an orgasm at all, or it can happen before, after, or during an orgasm. Squirting and having an orgasm also feel different.

Can everyone squirt?

A lot of people feel like they “should” be able to squirt or get pressure from partners to squirt. The truth is though, some people squirt and some people don’t. Some people squirt in certain situations, when they feel certain ways— for example, relaxed— or only when they stimulate themselves in a specific way. Some people have squirted once in their life and some people are able to squirt on demand. The reality is, everyone's body is different. If you can squirt, that's great for you! If you can't squirt or have never squirted, that's okay too! There are lots of ways to enjoy sexual pleasure and our bodies— for some people, squirting is one of them, and for others, it's not.

Is squirting pee?

Little research that has been done on squirting and there is quite a bit of debate about weather or not squirting is pee. However, the general consensus among researchers is that squirting is not pee. The fluid is produced in the Skene's glad and passes through the urethra, so sometimes small amounts of urine can be present.

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